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 Rojaar Ke`Zor -Pilot Trader

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Rojaar Ke`Zor


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PostSubject: Rojaar Ke`Zor -Pilot Trader   Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:55 pm

Hi Everyone

My services are not cheap but worth it. I am quite busy.
If i can combine flights i will reduce the cost..
I also have built up a few contacts so i may be able to arrange haulage if i am unavailable.
I do a little item/ship trading on the side.
Minimum Fee= 36,000 credits
Fees 12,000 + 1000 per Hr(Min 1 Day) PU Point > Del Point per load.
Example (Min) Fee= 36,000 credits for 24hr job
Moving Ships cost extra as they often req 2 pilots or a Capital ship. Charge  X 2
Jobs taken at my discretion / availability.
Contact in-game DM: Rojaar Ke`Zor

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Rojaar Ke`Zor -Pilot Trader
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