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 Vacancies in Horizon Corp.

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Gilboa Lavesta

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PostSubject: Vacancies in Horizon Corp.   Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:02 am

Welcome to Horizon Corporation
(A Non-Faction Group dedicated to Production and Logistics)

As a start up company, we have a large number of positions to be filled, there is room for advancement and everyone is welcomed to apply. High Command and Directorate Positions will be awarded to those who have shown exemplary service to Horizon Corp. Joining us now as a member of Horizon Corp by working hard and helping build this corporation and showing loyalty and trust will surely help give you the best possible chance of advancing.Along with these salaries, we also award recruitment and loyalty bonuses, which will only add to your current salary.

Competitive Salaries

Horizon Corporation. believes that prosperous employees makes for a prosperous company. In turn, Horizon Corp. offers a healthy starting pay for all recruits, and ample room for advancement and bonuses. Minimum starting pay for all entry level members is 1,000,000 credits per month. As a Non-Faction Group, we also help aid our members with joining other factions as sitters earning an extra 500,000 credits per month. Along with these salaries, loyalty and recruitment bonuses earned can only add to your wallet!

Position Vacancies

Logistic Pilots – (Always Openings Available)
Logistic Pilots are absolutely the heart of our business. They are responsible for all our deliveries being on time, and therefore they are responsible for keeping our reputation untarnished!
• All pilots will receive a company ship and any equipment required for their specific job, free to use, of course!
• Transportation to assigned ship will be supplied, free of charge.
Duties Will Include -
• Picking Up and/or Delivering goods all over the Galaxy, gaining experience quickly.

Production Manager – (1 Position Available)
We need a reliable, active, sentient, to organize and lead the Production Centre on Sumitra.
Duties Will Include -
  • To start production in the factories

  • Managing Factories to keep all finished products undocked and moving.

  • Keeping Factories stocked with Raw Materials.

Recruitment Officers - (Positions Available)

With so many races in our galaxy, each with their own customs and habits, it takes a special breed to be a recruiter, and that’s why skilled ones are so coveted (and rewarded!). If you are such a person, become a Horizon Corp. recruiter today and help us bolster our ranks!
  • Pay for Recruiting is 500,000 per recruit who works at least one month.

Contact Gilboa Lavesta by DM or apply here in the forum if you are interested in any of these jobs offers
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Vacancies in Horizon Corp.
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